How-To Update Payment Information in Grassroots Labs

When a credit or debit card in a Grassroots Labs user account becomes invalid, it is required of the user to add an updated payment method to their account. Below is a step by step walkthrough for a Grassroots Labs' customer on how to accomplish this quickly in their account.

1. Login

First, login to the Grassroots Labs website with your username and password.

2. Accessing the Account Profile

Second, navigate to your Account by clicking / tapping on the "My Account" button. 

3. View Your Payment Information

In your "Account Profile", click the “Credit Card”.

If you have saved cards in your "Account", you will see them displayed here.

Click on the “Add New Credit Card” button. Please note that you can also add debit cards the exact same way as we are adding credit cards here.

Change the card type to your type of card.

Enter the card information.

Then click “Add”

Your card is now updated and you can continue making purchases with Grassroots Labs.

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