How-to Find Your Lab Test Requisition / Lab Order

 The Lab Test Requisition, also known as a Lab Order, is the formal document which tells the laboratory what tests you need to have performed. Information that can be found on the requisition includes:

  1. Patient Name
  2. Patient Demographics
  3. Ordering Physician
  4. Billing Type

Why Should I Take My Requisition With Me To the Lab?

When you purchase a test(s) through Grassroots Labs, you order is automatically transmitted to Quest Diagnostic, our national laboratory provider. When your order is completed, every Quest Testing Center has your information on file and can process your labs. 

We recommend that Grassroots Labs customers print out their requisition for their tests and take it with them to the testing center. We encourage this because it can eliminate any possible issues at the the testing center, for example if the testing centers computers are down for some reason or if there is confusion for the testing center staff about who will pay for the lab tests. 

Having your requisition provides you with a guaranteed way of making sure that you get your tests performed quickly and without any problems.

How To Find Your Requisition


To find your requisition and print it out, log into your Grassroots Labs account. 

Once logged in, click or tap on the "My Account" button to access your account.

When your account opens, you will be automatically viewing your "Order History". If you can not see your orders, click on the "Order History" tab to see them.

When viewing the order for which you want to view your lab order/requisition, click on the green button labeled "Requisition" to download it.

If you are on a desktop or laptop computer, your requisition will download to your computer. Depending on what browser you are using, your downloads will usually appear somewhere in your browser. In our example, we are using the google chrome browser and the download shows up in the bottom left of the screen.

On a desktop or laptop computer, you can open your download, most likely with the program Adobe Reader, which can read .pdf files. After opening the requisition in adobe reader, you can then print the requisition to take with you to the testing center.


On a mobile phone, once logged into your account, tap on the menu button in the top left (3 horizontal lines).

Tap on the "My Account" button.

You will arrive in your order history. Scroll to the order for which you want to view your lab order/requisition and click on the green "Requisition" button. If you can not see the green requisition, tap the order itself and it will expand to show you the buttons.

When you tap the green requisition button, the requisition will display on your phone. Please refer to your phones directions to determine how to print the requisition from your phone.

Need Help?

You can always speak with a live support agent via chat during normal business hours or send us an email at

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