Troubleshooting Errors When Printing Lab Requisitions and Results

When a Grassroots Labs customer downloads their lab test requisition or lab test results from their account on the Grassroots Labs website, it downloads as a PDF file. Because customers can have varying types of computer systems, operating systems, and programs on their computers for reading a pdf file, there can sometimes be problems that arise when customers want to print those files out on paper.

The purpose of this video is to give a brief overview and summary of the main ways we have found to solve customers’ problems when printing their lab test requisitions and results.


Most often, customers are able to open their downloaded requisition and results files in whatever default pdf reader is installed on their computer, Adobe Reader and Apple Preview being the most common on PC’s and Apple computers, and then print those documents out on paper. Sometimes though, because of a customer’s personal setup on their computer or programs that are outdated, customers can have problems when opening those lab requisitions or results.

Error: Insufficient Data for Image

The most common issue that we see customers facing is that when they open the pdf file of their lab test requisition or lab test results on their computer, they get a blank document or they get an error saying “insufficient data for image”. The following are some troubleshooting options that customers can try to get their results to display and print. Customers should begin with the first troubleshooting step and progress sequentially through the others until they are able to print their requisition and/or results.

1. Try to Print In-spite of the Error Message 

When downloading and opening the document, Click “ok” on the system dialogue box with the error message and try to print the document anyway. If using Adobe Reader to view the pdf file, click on “File” in the top left and then click “Print”. If using an Apple computer and viewing the pdf with Preview, click “File” in the top left and then click “Print”.

2. Open the PDF File in a Web Browser

While any modern web browser will work (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari), we recommend using Google Chrome. 

To start, find the downloaded file on the computer. This can be done by navigating the file folder menu on a PC or using the Finder on an Apple computer (See Below). Often times, the file will be located in a “downloads” folder. 

Once the pdf file of the lab test requisition or results has been found, right click on the file and then move the mouse and hover over the “Open With” option. This will cause the menu to expand and you will see a list of programs on the computer that can be used to read the pdf file. Find “Google Chrome” or whichever browser you would like to use, and then left click on it. The file should open in the chosen browser and display so that it can be printed.

3. Restarting the Computer

If none of the other options worked to display the pdf file so that it can be printed, try restarting the computer and repeating the process.

4. Review on a Smart Device

If the lab requisition or lab result can not be viewed on a computer, please try and open it on a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Still Having Trouble? 

The Grassroots Labs support team is here to help: 

  • Via Live Chat, Email, and Phone Support 
  • Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm in the Eastern Standard Time Zone 

Please reach out and we would be happy to assist you.

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