Notice: Temporary Prohibition of New Orders for AZ Residents

Due to a business decision made at our lab vendor's vendor in AZ, Sonora Quest, Grassroots Labs is temporarily being forced to prohibit new orders from residents of AZ through the Grassroots Labs platform.

What does this mean for Grassroots Labs customers who are residents of AZ?

This means that residents of AZ will, for the time being, not be able to make new lab orders or create new accounts on the Grassroots Labs platform. Active customers will be able to log into their accounts and access any previous orders they have made, but they will not be able to make new orders. 

Was this Grassroots Labs decision?

No, we feel it is unfortunate that this decision was made by Sonora Quest, but it is their prerogative to do so. 

What options do AZ residents have for getting access to affordable testing?

Grassroots Labs is working hard to restore general access to testing in the state of AZ but it may take time for that to come into affect. In the interim, we have the following solutions for AZ residents:

  • Customers working with Provider Offices who Refer to Grassroots Labs
    • Please contact your provider or our support team at Grassroots Labs. We are currently working with provider groups in AZ to continue to provide affordable lab testing and will have more information forthcoming on those options. In the meantime, please reach out to us and we will provide you with the options we have.
  • General AZ Residents Needing Affordable Testing
    • Sonora Quest Laboratories - My Lab ReQuest (Direct to Consumer Testing) -
      • Sonora Quest has begun operating their own direct to consumer lab testing program and you can find the testing that they offer at the link above. The testing options are not as expansive as what is offered through Grassroots Labs and, often not as affordable, but it is the only option for direct to consumer testing currently in the state.
    • Work with your medical provider. 
      • Your medical provider can provide you with a referral for testing. Normal market prices will apply.

We are continuing to work hard to re-establish general testing availability in AZ. If you wish to be notified on updates, please sign up below with your email address.

Thank you and be well.

Grassroots Labs

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