Can I make changes to my order after making the purchase?

There is a possibility that some orders can be changed once completed and paid for.

If you have not yet visited the testing center, you can chat, email, or call the Support team and request assistance.

Adding Tests to Your Order - We can usually generate a separate requisition with the additional tests, but the results for those added tests will not be included with your original order. We will have to securely email the results to you. We will email an invoice to you for the additional tests and securely email you the requisition once it is paid. You will take both the original requisition and the additional tests requisition with you to the testing center.

Removing Tests from Your Order – We can remove most tests from an order and securely email you a replacement requisition to take to the testing center. We will then refund you the cost of the test(s) to the credit card used in the original transaction.

Cancel Your Existing Order – As long as you have not visited the testing center, we can cancel your order and refund your payment, less the Physician Oversight fee of $6, as noted in our Terms & Conditions. This is a passthrough cost for us and every order incurs this fee whether you visit the testing center or not. You can then re-order the correct tests on your own. Your original order will be deleted from your account.

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