Step 1: Finding Your Tests

With Grassroots Labs, you can easily find the tests or panels you are looking for by using either the Search Bar at the top of the website to search directly for specific tests or by viewing our most popular tests in the Main Navigation. 

To see our most popular tests and panels, you can click on the test categories in the Main Navigation such as "Wellness", "Hormones", etc.. To see more categories of testing, click on the "Other Testing."

You can find the Search bar in the following ways:

  • Desktop Version - Top of the page.
  • Mobile Version - Top of the page.


Mobile Version

How to Search For Tests and Panels

When searching for tests, you can search by:

  • Name - You can search by any identifying word of the test.* For Example, if searching for a Lipid Panel, you could type "lipid". If searching for a Cholesterol Management Panel, you could type "Cholesterol".
  • CPT Code - CPT Codes are universal numeric identifiers for lab tests and other medical procedures. You can find CPT Codes for your tests on the requisition or lab order from your doctor.

*NOTE: If you can not find the test you are looking for, try searching for part of the test name, and not the entire name of the test.

Not Finding Your Test? Ask for Help!

If you are having problems finding the tests you need, you can always Live Chat with our support staff by clicking on the Chat button at the bottom of the page. If you are visiting the site after hours, leave us a note there and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

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