Saliva Collection Instructions

Collection Timing

Collect all 4 samples on the same day.

  • Sample 1: Collect within the first 30 minutes of waking.
  • Sample 2: Collect at mid-day, around 12pm / 12:00.
  • Sample 3: Collect in the afternoon, around 4pm / 16:00.
  • Sample 4: Collect right before getting into bed for the evening, around 9pm / 21:00.


Do Not's

Keep collection supplies by your bedside including: the ziplock bag with tubes, collection instruction, and test requisition / lab order. Do not drink alcoholic beverages on the day you collect your samples.
Only open the bag when you are ready to collect a sample. Do not smoke or use tobacco, drink anything, or brush your teeth 30 minutes before you collect a sample.
Only withdraw one tube at a time for sampling. After taking out the collection tube you will use to collect your saliva sample, close the bag immediately containing the other tubes. Do not consume dairy products, acidic or sugary foods within 30 minutes before your collect your sample.
After collecting your sample, immediately fill out the information in the label on the collection tube and store the sample in your freezer. Do not eat a meal within 60 minutes before collecting your #3 and #4 sample.

How to Collect Your Sample

  1. Upon waking, open the test-kit and take out ONLY one collection tube.
  2. Unscrew the cap on the collection tube.
  3. Close your mouth and imagine eating your favorite food. Tilt your head forward and with your tongue, push the saliva down into the collection tube. Continue until the tube is filled at least three fourths with saliva (bubble are fine, but try to minimize them).
  4. After providing this sample, replace the cap on the collection tube. Make sure the cap is screwed on completely. Mark your name, the sample collection date and time on the space provided on the sample collection tube.
  5. Immediately after collecting your sample, fill in the required information on the test requisition form. Be sure to write the exact time and date of collection. Store the collected sample in the freezer.
  6. Follow these procedures above with the #2, #3, and #4 samples. After placing all 4 saliva samples into the ziplock bag, close the bag tightly and store in the freezer until mailed.

How to Package and Mail Your Samples

The day after you collect the 4 samples, place the following into the pre-addressed mailer.

  1. The tightly closed ziplock bag containing saliva samples #1, #2, #3, and #4.

  2. The completed requisition / lab order form.

Close the mailer, attach the shipping label, and mail the package to the processing lab, Ayumetrix.

Further Guideline

Guidelines for Women not on Hormones

  • Women with Regular Menstrual Cycles:
    • should collect their saliva samples all in one day, between day 19-21 of their menstrual cycle, counting the first day of your period as day 1.
  • Women with Irregular Menstrual Cycles:
    • should collect their saliva sample when not bleeding, or approximately 5 days before expected bleeding.
  • Post-Menopausal Women or Women Who Have Had a Hysterectomy:
    • may collect their saliva sample any day of the month.

Guideline for Men not on Hormones

  • Men Not on Hormones:
    • may collect their saliva sample any day of the month.

Guideline for Men and Women Using Hormones

  • Topical Hormones - Creams and Gels
    • Do Not apply any topical hormones throughout the day of your saliva collection. Collect your saliva sample 12-24 hours after the last dose.
  • Sublingual Hormones or Troches (Dissolved Under the Tongue)
    • Do Not use any sublingual hormones throughout the day of your saliva collection. Collect your saliva sample 12-24 hours after the last dose.
  • Oral Hormones (Pills)
    • If taking Progesterone: 
      • Collect saliva sample 6-10 hours after the last dose. 
    • For all other hormones: 
      • Collect saliva 12-24 hours after the last dose.
  • Injections and Pellets
    • The recommended dosage interval is mid-regimen.
  • Transdermal Patches
    • Collect your saliva sample 1-2 days after applying the patch.
  • Cortisol Supplementation
    • Consult with your provider for instructions if you are taking cortisol supplementation for adrenal support. When testing cortisol (for baseline adrenal function), stop using cortisol containing products 5 days prior to saliva sample collection. 

To download a copy of these instructions from the laboratory, please click here.

If you have additional questions about taking your sample, please call the lab directly, Ayumetrix, at 1-800-215-8898.

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