How Long Until My Order Requisition Is Approved?

Grassroots Labs (GRL) partners with a physician oversight organization to authorize orders and provide consultations on results for GRL customers. GRL's physician oversight approves new orders submitted by Grassroots Labs customers, 5 times per day between 8am and 8pm EST. This process is elaborated below:

  • Orders made between 8am - 8pm EST, will be approved 1-3 hours after being ordered.
  • Orders made between 8pm - 11:59pm EST, will be approved the following day at 8am EST
  • Orders made between 12am - 7:59am will be approved the same day, at 8am.

GRL provides a convenient way to view the estimated approval time for orders in user's Order History, found by clicking on the My Account button, when logged into the GRL website. In addition, users will receive an email letting them know their orders are approved and that they can go to the testing center.

Visiting the Testing Center / Making Appointments at the Testing Center

Users who want to visit the testing center during normal business hours will need to wait between 1-3 hours, after they order, for their labs to be approved. 

Users who purchase testing after 8pm EST will need to wait until the following day at 8am EST for their lab order to be approved. 

Users in the Eastern Time Zone NOTE: They will need to wait until 8am the following day to visit the testing center. If making an appointment, it will need to be for 8am or later on the following day. If users want to go in at 7am, when most test centers open, they will need to wait until the following day.

Users can continue to walk in to the testing center or they can schedule an appointment through Quest Diagnostics.

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