How will my provider get the Results?

If you would like for the GRL Support Staff to share your Results with your provider, you can click on the following link to be taken to the Release of Information (ROI) - Release of Information - General, or you can chat, email or call the GRL Support staff to send you one to complete and submit online. Once your Results are available, a staff member will securely fax or email your latest order Results, based on the information on your ROI.

If you place additional orders with GRL and would like those Results sent to the same doctor, you will need to chat, email or call the GRL Support staff to let us know which order Results you want shared. We never assume you want every order Results to be shared. It is not necessary to complete a new ROI each time, unless the doctor’s information changes.

You can complete multiple ROI’s for us to keep on file for future sharing of Results, but it is your responsibility to inform our Support staff which Results go to which provider.

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