Step 4: Visit Your Local Test Center

Email Confirmation

After completing your order, you will get an email confirmation which will include the three closest testing centers to your location, along with their contact information. Your location is based on the zip code for your home address in your Grassroots Labs Account.

Grassroots Labs uses Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers (PSC) to perform all in-person lab tests. All test center locations will be run and operated by Quest Diagnostics or their affiliate vendors. PLEASE DO NOT try to visit a testing center that is not Quest Diagnostics.

Email Confirmation Example

Search for a Testing Center

If for some reason you can not use the testing centers offered to you in your email confirmation, you can search manually for a test center close by. Visit the Grassroots Labs website and click the "Test Centers" link at the top of the page.

Desktop View

Mobile View

On a mobile device, tap the menu button in the top left (three horizontal lines), and then tap the "Test Centers" button from main menu that expands.

On the following page, enter your zip code in the Search Box and click the Search button. 

You will be presented with the 10 closest Quest Diagnostics testing center locations and their contact information, along with a map view where the locations are visually. 

Get Directions

You can get directions to your testing center of choice by clicking on the Map button next to your testing location.

This will open your default map software on your computer or on your mobile smart phone.

Enter your address into the map and click directions to get turn by turn directions.

Select the best route to your test center in order to get your directions.

Print, Send to Your Phone, or Share Your Directions With Someone Else

You have many options to review your turn-by-turn directions. To print your directions on your computer, click on the printer icon.

You can also send the directions to your smart phone or share them with someone else using the icons next to the print icon. 

Note: Your directions and map may look different depending on what type of map software you are using and whether you are using a desktop or laptop computer or on a mobile phone to view the map.

Having Your Tests Performed

Once you find your closest testing center, you may visit it to have your lab tests performed anytime during normal business hours. The business hours for each testing site can be found when searching for test centers on the Grassroots Labs app. Most testing centers do not require to make an appointment to have your lab tests performed, unless you are having a COVID-19 Antibodies test performed. 

If you would like to make an appointment to have your tests performed at a Quest Test Center, please view our How-to Video " Scheduling An Appointment for Lab Testing with Quest Diagnostics". Also note, if you choose to do this, you will begin to get marketing emails from Quest Diagnostics.

What To Bring To the Test Center

  1. Requisition / Lab Order - We recommend that all Grassroots Labs users take a copy of their requisition with them to the testing center. The "requisition" is the formal document showing the lab what tests you are having performed, and that you have already paid for your test. While having your requisition is not required, it can prevent some logistical problems at the testing center.

    To learn how to download and print your requisition, see our support article on Requisitions.
  2. Government Issued Photo ID - All users MUST have a government issued photo ID in order to have your lab tests performed. This is how the Lab company confirms your identity. A few examples include: driver's license, passport, or green card.

Remember to Prepare

Please remember to check and see if there are any additional preparation steps to having your testing completed. This would include fasting food or beverages, other than water, for 8 hours before your tests and drinking plenty of water. You can read the specific preparation steps and directions for each test, by viewing the test descriptions on the Grassroots Labs website. 

Visiting the Testing Center

When you visit the test center, follow these steps:

  • Sign in at the front desk
    • During COVID-19, test centers have a digital sign in station in each testing center with which to sign in and let the testing staff know you are there.
  • Hand the attendant your requisition
  • Wait to be called
  • Have your tests performed
  • Go home

If you have any problems while visiting the testing center, please jump on our website, via your smart phone, and chat with our customer support representatives. You may also call us at (888) 315-3265.

After your tests are performed, you can normally expect to be notified that your results are ready within 3-5 business days. You will receive an email from Grassroots Labs when your results are ready to view in the "Order History" section of your account profile on Grassroots Labs.

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